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Survival Of The Fittest:

‘Survival Of the Fittest’ was the term used by Biologist Darwin during his study of life evolution.Its about survival under adverse or unfavorable conditions.It states that organisms which are able to change with the changing surrounding conditions,can only survive.

Do this law holds good for our financial life also?Surrounding parameters are not always constant,but they changes frequently.Before few years,there was like economy collapse and situation of double dip recession. Entrepreneurs like me were in deep trouble and facing the adverse conditions.Many of us were nearly work less.During such times,those who have tried to change with the surrounding situation and cut the costs survive only,others have to close their shops.

Mere survival under such turbulance phase becomes a challenge. One can understand the need of saving,emergency funds under such phase only.What one can  understood from 2008 crisis is that one should have one main stream and some other sub-streams of income so that even if tomorrow situation is not good enough,I will able to survive.As well some extraction of returns is necessary from my surplus money.

Today,surrounding conditions are not looking much convincing.There is Euro zone crisis on the way.There are not improvements in employment rates in united states.There are question marks as well about asset qualities of big Indian banks which have survived the last crisis very well.No one can say what will happen further.But,individuals / organizations which can change themselves with changing environments will survive surely i.e.survival of the fittest.

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