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Fixed Deposits

Like banks,some of the companies and NBFCs with prior permission of RBI / SEBI can raise money through fixed deposit schemes.

Some of the  fixed deposits offered by NBFCs ,Manufacturing companies & real estate companies are as follows.

1.HDFC Platinum deposits.

2.Shriram Transport Finance Fixed deposits.

3.DHFL Fixed deposits.

4.Unitech fixed deposits.

5.Mahindra Finance fixed deposits.

6.Bilcare Limited Fixed Deposits.

7.Sudarshan Chemical Industries Fixed Deposits.

8.PNB Housing Finance Fixed Deposits.

Company deposits always offer higher percentage of returns than bank deposits.Its always recommended that one can invest a small portion of overall portfolio in these deposits as they offer good diversification in portfolio…taking financial history of the company in the consideration like profit of at least last 4 years,Dividends paid & operating income.

There are number of ways why companies offer fixed deposit rates.Imp reasons are to maintain the cash flow &  its cheap for companies to offer fixed deposits than taking the loans.

If any good company is offering fixed deposit scheme then it can be considered as a good opportunity rather mere focusing on the risks.

One can have details of profit / loss, companies assets,liabilities, secured/unsecured loans and other financial details in companies website and investors can take decision based on this information.


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