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Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

Bank Of Baroda Offers Fixed Deposit Schemes for different tenure & Interest Rates are as follows:

Bank Of Baroda offers max interest rate of 8% for period of deposit 01 year to 05 years.

Bank Of Baroda – Fixed Deposit Rates for deposits up to 1 Crore April 2013:

Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Tenure Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates
07 Days-14 Days 4.50
15 days-45 Days 4.50
46 Days – 90 Days 6.50
91 Days-180 Days 7.00
181 Days-270 Days 7.50
271 Days – Less than 01 Yr 7.75
01 Yr – 03 Yrs 8.00
Above 03 Yrs – up to 5 Yrs 8.00
1111 Days Special deposit –Baroda Maha Utsav Special deposit scheme 8.00

Bank Of Baroda – Senior Citizen Deposit Rates:

Bank Of Baroda offers 0.50% Extra deposit rates above the card rates for General Public.



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