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How Small Droplets Can Form A Lake:

I was not able to update the blog for last 3 days as I was doing some difficult calculation to show “What if I save fixed amount daily from my unnecessary expenses”.

One can easily calculate the things when it comes to fixed deposit of specific term or monthly recurring deposits,but if I am saving some money daily,then its really difficult to integrate all the numbers.

I am 90% sure about the calculations I have done,but rather important is the message to convey is “Small Droplets Can Form A Lake“.

For calculation,I have made assumption that I have received the interest of 4% per annum, with interest addition frequency on daily basis as like saving bank account  for period of 20 years.I was derived one simple mathematical formula and results are as shown below:


Daily Saved(Rs.) Total I have Saved within 20 yrs
5 57,300
10 1,16,480
50 5,65,700
100 11,51,800
300 34,54,378
500 56,83,965
1000 1,21,47,927

This is a calculation for 4% interest rate,as saving bank account.Maturity value can be much more if higher interest rates are assumed.

Of course,I would not like to drop my daily cup of teas or occasional celebrations to save money.Just,I need to save some money from my unnecessary or more precisely ‘Faltoo’ expenses.Do you agree?

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