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LIC Wealth Plus, Samridhi Plus NAV Chart & Highest NAV Updates:

Few years back LIC was launched couple of highest NAV guaranteed plans & today we will take view of performance of two funds & highest NAV of LIC Wealth Plus & Samridhi Plus as in May, 2013.

LIC Wealth plus:

Update as on 13-09-2016 : Highest NAV of LIC wealth Plus  recorded 13.7988 on Sept 09, 2016.

LIC Wealth Plus was launched on 09th Feb 2010 & NAV chart of LIC wealth plus is as below:


LIC Wealth Plus Highest NAV Chart

LIC Samridhi Plus NAV Chart: 

Update as on 13-09-2016 : Highest NAV Update of Samridhi Plus : 16.8455 recorded on Sept 07, 2016.

LIC Samridhi Plus Highest NAV Chart

LIC Samridhi Plus was launched on Feb 25,2011:Policy holder will receive the fund value based on highest NAV within first 100 months or at the maturity which one will be higher.


Chart source:

One can view that both LICs plans have shown disappointment at least till now..

Both of the plans have their own charges apart from charges inclusive in NAV .. considering these charges which are not inclusive of NAV & deducted separately I suspect policy holder should be in loss and may be continued to be same in future as well.

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