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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are pool of money created by group of investors to invest in the different instruments with different risks as per objectives stated by the mutual fund.

Mutual Fund acts as a Trust & differnt constituents of any mutual fund are as follows:

Consider example of HDFC mutual fund:


HDFC Trustee Company Limited


HDFC,Standard Life Investment Limited


HDFC Asset management Company Limited


HDFC Bank , CITIBank,ScotiaBank.


HDFC Mutual Fund

Registrar & Transfer Agent

Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd.

Different Types of Mutual Funds –

  1. Equity Oriented – Predominantly invests in equity [stock] market.
  2. ELSS Schemes:
  3. Debt funds – Invests predominantly in the safe instruments like govt papers, different issues in the market with different maturities as per fund objective.
  4. Gold Funds.
  5. Fund Of Fund Schemes:

Techniques of mutual fund investing:

  1. Systematic Investment Plans
  2. Systematic Transfer Plans.

SEBI registered mutual funds in India:

Mutual fund research related websites:


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