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80-CCF Infrastructure Bonds 2011-2012

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//Please note that as per updates after the budget, there won’t be any 80-CCF tax benefit for the financial year 2012-2013.

Following issues are expected this year:

1.LIC Infrastructure bonds.

2.PFC Infrastructure bonds.

3.IDFC Infrastructure bonds.

4.L & T Infrastructure bonds.

5.IIFCL Infrastructure bonds.


7.REC Infrastructure bonds.

8.IFCI Infrastructure bonds.


1.For Details of IFCI Infrastructure bonds click here.

2.For Details of PFC Infrastructure bonds Click Here.

3.For Details of IDFC Infrastructure Bonds Click Here

4.For Details Of L&T Infrastructure Bonds,CLICK HERE

5.For Details Of IFCI Tax Saving Issue Series-4 CLICK HERE

6.For REC Tax Saving issue ,CLICK HERE

Current Issues:

Download IFCI Series-5 Application Form:

About Infrastructure Bonds:

Investment in infra bonds is only one time investment like fixed deposit…for next year one can decide at that time.

Infrastructure bonds are offered by infrastructure finance companies,with prior approval of Govt. Of India.To promote the infrastructure growth ,,govt have offered investors tax benefit max upto Rs.20,000/-.

Capital raised under these issue is used in infrastructure development projects like projects of National Highways,power plant projects like thermal, hydroelectric power plants and other infrastructure projects.

This product offers investors saving as well as tax bachat.Its only product available in 80ccf section unlike crowdy section 80C.

Investor in 30% tax bracket saves a tax of Rs.6000+Service tax + Ed sess = Rs.6,600/- .

If we consider an average rate of 8.30% per annum,calculation is as shown in the following table.

Capital InvestedRs.(A) Tax Bracket Tax Saved(ST + Cess)(B) Effective amount invested(A-B) Maturity valueRs. Effective Interest rateCompounded pa
20,000 30% 6,600 13,400 29,800 17%
20,000 20% 4,400 15,600 29,800 13.8%
20,000 10% 2,200 17,800 29,800 10.80

Though interest earned is taxable,all the debt products whether bank deposits,company deposits,debt funds get the same tax treatment and income is taxable in each case.

If you wish intimation about infra bond issues whenever delared this year then kindly Comment below.

I thank all who have commented here in advance as its not possible to respond each comment due to insufficient space.


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