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Unitech Ltd Fixed Deposits


Unitech Limited is one of the major large scale , real estate development company.

You may aware that cash flow is very much important for real estate companies and most of the real estate companies accept public fixed deposits.

Unitech is geographically well diversified company having projects across the nation as well in the different areas – residential & commercial.

Unitech offers fixed deposit @following rate.

Period(Months) Rate Of Interest Compounded monthly Maturity valueof Rs.25000
12 11.50 28032/-
24 12.00 31745/-
36 12.50 36,302/-
Note: Min application Rs. 25000/-0.5% Extra benefit for Sr. Citizens.

Depositors have both the option – Cumulative where investor will get principle and accumulated interest on maturity while in case of non-cumulative schemes interest is paid out on frequency chosen by depositor and principle on maturity.

Real estate sector is always subject to different risk factors like policy changes from Govt,Price corrections,legal matters etc so depositor should have understanding about the working of real estate companies.

Just remember that one should invest only such amount in company fixed deposits which will not as much affect the personal finance life.

What are the issues with Real Estate Companies:

The most important concern about real estate companies is that they are rich with assets but poor with cash.Such companies have assets in terms of land or unsold inventories but always cash trapped.So they can fall short paying deposit back especially when there is commitment of higher amount.So investors need to be cautious about investing in Fixed Deposits of real estate companies.


More details of Unitech Fixed Deposit Scheme


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