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Equity Fund Of Fund-FOF Schemes & Their Mutual Fund Allocation As In Feb 2013

General mutual fund invests in variety of stocks while fund of fund are mutual fund schemes which invests in mutual fund schemes of same AMC or different AMCs.

Theses schemes are ideal for such investors who don’t have taxation issues & want to have diversification within portfolio through single scheme.In general most of the fund investor have 4-5 schemes in the portfolio.

Equity FOF schemes are treated as Debt funds & capital gains are taxed @ rate of 10%  or 20% with indexation benefit which one is lower.

Fund manager takes care of selection of mutual fund scheme & its allocation.

We have taken view of few FOF schemes & their allocation in different mutual fund scheme.

Quantum Equity – Fund Of Fund:

 Kotak equity FOF:

Templeton India Fund Of Fund Scheme:

ICICI Prudential – Advisory Series:

These funds are generally not recommended as long term capital gain tax applies.As far returns are considered,then these funds have offered returns up to 17.50% in last year in comparison with category average returns of equity diversified funds are  around 17%….where best equity – Large + small cap fund have provided return of 27% & worst diversified fund have provided return of 2%.

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