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1.This blog was started in January 2011 and we write what we do,see,observe around about personal finance.

2.Most of the content is related to Mutual funds,Fixed income products like Fixed deposits,NCDs,Insurance,Mediclaim and other investment options.

3.we are fairly consistent updating this blog whenever their is good product available to invest in the market.

4.Just remember that Personal Finance is always individually customized.One product if suitable for one investor, may not be suitable for other.Its not always possible to generalize the things.So judge suitability of product and then take investment decision.

5.We neither send any updates nor ask readers to subscribe for this blog.If you wish, you can follow updates from different RSS service provider sites like or you can visit the blog time to time to check the updates.


We are always looking to improve the blog and if you have any critics / suggestions then you can can mail us on any of the e-mail address provided below.


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I run one more blog Career-On.comĀ This blog is about jobs,admissions ,career opportunities in India.

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    Information provided on this blog is for general purpose only & not investment advice.Please take advice of SEBI Registered Investment Advisors before taking any investment decision.
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