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NHPC Tax Free Bond Issue Oversubscribed while PFC Issue Very Close To complete subscription:

Tax free issues launched in the financial year 2013-2014 have continued to get the response from the investors.

After good response to other issues ,NHPC issue have been over subscribed and last date of the issue have been revised to 23/10/2013 though investors can apply on last day.. chances of the allotment  are much lower.

while writing this post PFC issue was also near to complete subscription (category II and III subscribed and category IV subscribed more than 60%) and can pre-close earlier soon.

Investors have responded to these issues following high safety and good tax free yield for the long term like 15-20 years.These issues have provided a good option of pension like tax free annual income and issues of the well known companies have subscribed within few days.

Both issues were scheduled to close on November 11, 2013.

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