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HDFC Platinum Deposits:

HDFC Platinum Deposits are now HDFC – Premium Deposits:

These are the AAA rated deposits accepted by HDFC  for period – 15 / 30 Months &  22 / 44 Months…apart from Regular deposits for periods of 12 months to 84 months.

Housing development finance corporation ltd is one of the respected financial group in india.It was started operation in 1977 and have wide network of 283 offices in india catering services to more than 2400 towns and cities.It has also offices in dubai,london,singapore and service associates in middle east regions.

  • As per National Housing Bank directions Housing finance company can raise public deposits equivalent to 5 times of net owned fund and with this direction HDFC Can raise Rs.1,20.088 crores through public deposits.

 Public Deposits  with HDFC As on 31/03/2015: 47197.91 Crores.

It has received “AAA” ratings for its deposit products for highest safety from CRISIL and ICRA for more than  20  consecutive years.


HDFC Premium Deposits Interest Rates:(Last Updated January 20, 2017)

Tenure Interest Rate -Cumulative Apprx.Maturity Value of Rs. 1Lac
15 Months  7.50% 1,09,461
22 / 44  Months 7.55% 1,14,275 / 1,30,588
30 Months 7.50% 1,19.818

# 0.25% extra for Senior Citizens 

HDFC – Monthly Income Plan – Interest rates:

Interest rates for Monthly Income Plan – Per Annum Basis. – Interest will paid to investors on monthly basis on last day of month via ECS.

Period Interest Rates-Per annum
15 Months 7.25%
22 /44  Months 7.30% / 7.50%
30 Months 7.25%

HDFC – Quarterly Interest Payment Plan :

Under this plan interest will paid back to investor on quarterly basis.Interest will be credited in investors account at the end of every quarter i.e at the end of March,June,Sept,Dec.

Period Interest Rates-Per annum
15 Months 7.30%
22 / 44 Months 7.35%
30 Months 7.30%

HDFC – Annual Income Plan :

Under this plan,income will be credited on annual basis.

Period Interest Rates-Per annum
15 Months 7.50%
22/ 44 Months 7.55%
30 Months 7.50%

Minimum Investment Amount :

Minimum investment amount Rs.40,000 for monthly interest option and Rs.20,000 for other options.

Profits & Dividends History Of HDFC:

Financial Yr Ended Profit Before Tax( crore) Profit After Tax(Rs. In Crore) Equity dividend per share
31/03/2013 6572.84 4848.34 9.00
31/03/2014 7440.24 5440.24 7.20
31/03/2015 8624.14 5990.14 6.00

 HDFC Profit Review:

Year Ended

Profit After Tax In Crores














HDFC SYSTEMATIC SAVING PLAN:(Monthly Recurring Deposit Plan)

This plan offers small avings per month.One can save as little as Rs.2000 per month and accumulate savings over a longer period of time.

Current rate of interest : 8.00% per annum for RD up to36 months  / 8.00% for RD from 37 to 60 months

Sample Calculation:

Sr.No Amount saved per month Rs. Interest rates assumed % Period in Months Apprx.Maturity Value
1 5000/- 8.00 60 Rs.3,67,070/-
2 5000/- 8.00 36 Rs.2,03,125/-
3 3000/- 8.00 60 Rs.2,20,242/-
4. 3000/- 8.00 36 Rs.1,21,875/

To download application form of HDFC Deposits please Click Here.

To find HDFC branch nearer to you Click Here.


HDFC is well reputed group and if any one is looking for deposits beyond banks then can consider for HDFC Deposits.Similar to bank deposits,income from deposits is taxable and provision of TDS is applicable if interest crosses Rs.5000 in financial year.One can provide 15G or 15H if tax liability is nil and avoid tax deduction at source.


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