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Best Mutual Funds April 2013 -By Moneycontrol -CRISIL Methodology

You may aware that is the leading financial portal & it uses CRISIL methodology to rank the mutual funds.

We will take view of the top funds as in April 2013 based on returns of last one year.

NIFTY have provided returns of 14.5% within last one year as on MAY 02, 2013:

Top Performers Last One Year – Equity:

Equity Fund Returns of Last One Year
Birla SL India Gennext 22.5%
Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity 20.4%
SBI Emerging Business 18.4%
Franklin  Build India Fund 16.3%
Birla Sl Top 100 15.9%

 Best Performers – Hybrid:

Hybrid Fund Returns of Last One Year
ICICI Pru Volatility Advantage 15.09%
ICICI Pru Balanced Fund 14%
SBI Magnum MIP 13%
ICICI Pru MIP-25 10.9%

Best Performers – Debt:

Debt  Fund Returns of Last One Year
IDFC G-Sec-Inv plan –IP B 15.8%
IDFC G-Sec PF RP A 15.5%
SBI Magnum Income 14.9%
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund 13.9%
SBI Dynamic Bond Fund 12.9%

Liquid / Moneymarket Funds:

Liquid Fund Returns of Last One Year
Birla SL Cash Plus 9.2%
ICICI Pru Liquid Plan 9.2%
Baroda Pioneer Liquid Fund 9.2%
UTI Liquid 9.1%
IDFC Cash 9.1%

Its not necessary that mutual fund you are holding should be among the best performers..but in line with other good performers.with this attitude only one need to take view of your funds & compare with above top performers.




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