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U.S. Data Releases Which Always Storm Currency And Bullion Market:

Market behaviour is always catalysed by events across the globe.Catalysts are the events which accelerates or decelerates the market momentum.U.S. being the largest economy in the world,events in united states mainly catalyse currency and in turn commodity or especially bullion market.

Such events creates the unusual volatility in the markets and it is a right time for speculators and jobbers to enter the market and get benefited by volatility.Some of the such events are as listed below.

1.Federal rate decision:

Rate decisions decides liquidity and inflation.Currently rates are at the lowest levels of 0.25% and indications are that rates will be low till economic conditions improve.Inflation is not a major concern in US,unlike India and China where  rates are in bullish cycle to curb inflation.Whenever federal reserve give surprise in future and start increasing rates it will be real bad news for bullions like Gold and Silver.

2.Non-farm payrolls:

This is another leading indicator considered to be of prime importance.This is monthly report published generally on first friday of each month.It includes average weekly earnings of all non-farm employees.Each month, the current employment statistics program (CESP) conducts a survey about 1,50,000 businesses to provide detailed data about employment,work hours and earnings of non-farm workers for all 50 states.It is used by US policy makers and economists to determine the current level of economy and predict about future economic activities.

3.Gross Domestic Product:(GDP)-

It is the output of goods and services produced by labor and properties in the nation.It is also very important indicator of economic level of any nation.It depends upon sub factors like imports,exports,personal consumption expenditures,private inventory  investments, non-residential investments and government spending.

4.US Unemployment claims:

US unemployment claims or jobless claims is a weekly release and it measure the number of individuals who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time during last week.Every state in the US offers jobless insurance program as per rules set by federal law.The labor department then collects all the weekly number and publish it on the following day.

It is important gauge of economic indicators as more number of unemployment means lower rate of personal sending and vice-versa.

Though above releases are instantly available online on most of the websites,data interpretation is very difficult task.It requires in depth knowledge of market expectations and expected impact of the release.So traders who trades based on these events should ascertain of the risks associated with it.

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