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Part Time & Passive Income Ideas:My Experience

I think as far Part time work is concerned its highly depends on individuals skillset,education and as well nature of his/her full time work & other responsibility.So rather than generalizing the part time ideas I will prefer to write about part-time income ideas I have explored in my life.

  1. Part Time Teaching: Few years back I used to teach Chemistry & mathematics at private coaching institute on hourly basis.Teaching is the best & noble part-time earning opportunity just condition is that one need to have sufficient expertise in the subject & in line education qualification..I used to earn 200-250 rupees per hour at that time..& for couple of hours teaching one can generate income of around Rs 12000-15000 easily.For now I have stopped teaching due to some personal reasons..Part time teaching is easy as well difficult also…One needs to spend few hours at the backend for preparing the things.
  2. Blogging: Blogging is next noble profession where one can choose the niche topic & explore through the way of blogging.One should select topic of the interest otherwise one can not get in further.Currently I writes at this blog & other one is I writes about admissions etc things.But major thing one should understand is that one can’t guarantee earning from its blog..number of blogs starts every day & close down as well.One can have part time earning opportunities through Advertising,affiliation,direct product selling or combination of all.There are few examples also where part time bloggers have turned into full time writer..but for that one need to be effective writing skills.Considering the uncertainties in this field I think one may not like to be full time writer.For successful blogger one need to have patience and need to avoid addiction.
  3. Sell Mutual Funds / Insurance : Since last 07 yrs I am selling mutual funds on part-time basis.I don’t sell insurance products as I personally don’t like them and work culture at any insurance company is also not much good.If any one have sufficient contacts around then he/she can explore this opportunities..One can also get registered at institutional brokers as sub-broker rather registering for number of AMCs.One need to clear the NISM Mutual Fund Distributor exam to become the mutual fund distributor & for insurance advisor one need to approach any life insurance company & clear training as well exam conducted by IRDA.

As far passive income is concerned I don’t think concept of passive earning is there..As far passive income is concerned  following opportunities can be considered:

Rental income from property:  Good example of passive income but is it that much easy to build the property unless its inherited?Rental income also depends on the location of property.My few friends have purchased flats outside city where costs are low but they are getting either nil or very low rental income and appreciations  as well quite less..all apart they need to pay EMI,tax, maintenance charges & so one need to be careful while buying second home for renting out purpose only.

Dividend Income: Most of the profit making companies offers dividends for shareholders & having stocks of good bluechip companies can result in good tax free dividend income..if stock price appreciates good then things can work much better..

Interest income: Interest income from fixed deposits or dividend income from mutual funds..but taking out income can kill the compounding effect.

Static Website: Static website & blog are two different things..Blog is more about content & static website can be about application oriented.If any one have idea about any application or software then its possible to keep it on the static website.E.g One can create good financial calculator or any other creative software/application on the website.

My experience is that earning money on part-time basis is not as much easy..whether its teaching,blogging or selling mutual funds…are you interested in part-time earning or have you tried anything in past or thinking to try in future??




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