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Two things,which are very close to the mind of any individual.Which are they?In my opinion:

1.Personal finance,money, saving etc: I am writing on this topic within my capacity of thoughts through this blog.

2.Career,education of children:I have just started a new blog named for the same.

I was looking to start one another blog.Just I was looking for a better topic.After thinking for few days I stopped at a topic of exams and admissions in India.

First important step was to select a domain name.But as this is a great topic,all domains I interested were not available and finally I need to settle with

Still,this blog is in state of initiation or its just initiation of beginning only and it will take months to make this blog.

I am hopeful that I could write something useful,relevant and important to the readers,finally time will tell only how succeeful I will be in this blog or will it be just another !!!

Advice,suggestions are Welcome.

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