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Best Mutual Fund Options To Invest Money For Short Term

Rajesh have some good cash  in his account & will require it only after 3-4 months.As cash amount is high… some higher returns than that of saving account or short term deposits can make a big difference.

Don’t confine your money:Let don’t have limits of saving account or short term deposits to your money & there are better options as well like liquid funds or cash funds offered by mutual funds. - HDFC Cash Management Fund

Best Options for short term:

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 Imp Note: Above returns are for last 03 months & converted in per annum basis & not absolute.

So one can get better returns than 4-7 per annum  offered by saving banks or short term fixed deposits.

Liquid funds offer more advantages:

  1. No entry load.
  2. No Exit load.
  3. High corpus maintained by liquid funds so assured liquidity.
  4. Short term investment duration so very low risk.
  5. T+1 day redemption.

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