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Shriram Trsnaport NCD Issue – % Subscription As On 08/10/2013

Shriram Transport finance NCD – Oct issue have opened yesterday Oct 07,2013 and have good response from retail investors.

Figures suggests that issue is Over subscribed for Category III investors means High Networth Individuals investing more than 5 Lakh Rupees.

% Subscription of Shriram NCD issue as on 08/10/2013 @ 5:00 PM:

Category Bucket size – Cr % Subscription as on 08/10/2013
I 50 0.04%
II 50 1.04%
III 150 104.64%
IV 250 38.94%

One can view that issue have got less response from institutional -Category I investors but good response from retail investors i.e from category III and IV investors.

Shriram Transport is scheduled to close on 21/10/2013 but likely to over subscribe for Category IV as well.So investors looking to invest should make the hurry to get confirmed allotment.

Shriram Transport Finance company is looking to raise 500 crores through this issue.

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