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8.05% Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services NCD July 2017:

Non-banking finance arm of Mahindra Group – Mahindra finance will raise Rs.2000 crore through unsecured,subordinated NCDs. Interest will be paid annually with coupon rates ranging from 7.85% to 8.05%.Demat mode is compulsory to invest in this NCD issue.

Details of Mahindra Finance NCD issue July 2017 are as follows:

Imp Dates:

  1. Issue Open date:July 10, 2017.
  2. Issue Close date:July 28, 2017.

Interest/Coupon rates:

For HNIs and Retail individual investors:

Mahindra Finance NCD July 2017


Other Details:

  1. DEMAT mode only:Issuance of NCDs will be only in demat mode.
  2. Credit Rating: BWR AAA / IND AAA.Both indicated highest rating.
  3. Listing: NCDs will be listed at BSE
  4. Call option: Company can use Call option for NCDs of 15 yr tenure and can redeem them with 10 yrs option.But there won’t be put option from investors side.They can sell NCDs in secondary market only.

Muthoot Finance NCD Issue April 2017:

Muthoot Finance of the largest Gold loan company has come up with an issue of Secured and Un-secured NCDs in April 2017.Details of Muthoot Finance April 2017 NCD issue are as follows.

Imp dates:

  • Issue open date:April 11, 2017.
  • Issue close date:May 10, 2017.

Credit Ratings: CRISIL AA / ICRA AA.Both indicates stable issue.

Coupon Rates:

NCD issue offers coupon rates ranging from 8 t0 9% depending on tenure & interest payment frequency.

Monthly Interest payment:

Interest payable monthly from date of allotment.

Muthoot Finance NCD April 2017 Monthly Interest






Annual Interest Payment:

Interest payment annually from date of allotment.

Muthoot Finance NCD April 2017 Annual Interest

Cumulative Option:

Compounded annual Interest and principle will paid at maturity.

Muthoot Finance NCD April 2017 Cumulative

Other details:

  1. Minimum investment amount Rs.10,000 onwards.
  2. NRIs are not eligible to apply.
  3. Allotment first cum first served basis, per day basis.
  4. Demat mode compulsory:Demat account is compulsory if you wish to invest in this issue.
  5. Security: Company will provide 100% security cover for secured NCDs and interest thereon.While unsecured NCDs will be subordinated debt & no security cover will be provided.

Company intends to raise Rs.1950 crore against secured NCDs and Rs.50 Crore against unsecured NCD issue.


9.50% SREI Infrastructure Finance NCD January 2017:

After successful debenture issue of its equipment finance arm,SREI infra finance has come up with an issue of secured debentures worth Rs.706.63 Crores.

SREI Infra is BSE & NSE listed company providing financial products and consultancy towards infrastructure development,with particular focus on power,road,telecom,oil & gas,SEZ etc.

Imp dates:

1.Issue open date:January 30, 2017.

2.Issue close date:February 23, 2017.

SREI Infra NCD January 2017

Coupon rates for all types of investors:

# 8.50% p.a.for 400 days.

# 9.25% p.a. for 3 years.

# 9.50% p.a. for 5 years.

Additional benefit 0.25% p.a. additional coupon for Senior citizens,existing NCD holders and share holders.

Interest payment options:

1.Monthly interest

2.Annual interest

3.Cumulative interest at maturity..

But note that for monthly interest option Demat mode is compulsory.

Credit Rating: BWR AA+ which indicates stable issue by Brickwork.

Allotment will be on first cum first served per day basis.

70% of issue size is reserved for individual and HUF investors.


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