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IDBI Bank – Golden Jubilee Freedom Deposit – 500 Days And 50 Months

IDBI  Bank – A Govt owned  bank , started in the year 1964 is currently celebrating Golden Jubilee year and have recently introduced Golden Jubilee Freedom Deposits for limited period – started from Oct 01,2013 to Dec 31,2013.

IDBI Bank Golden Jubilee deposits are available for periods of 500 Days and 50 months and depositor will get some better rate of interest than usual rates.

Interest rates :

Period General Public Maturity of Rs.1 Lakh Senior Citizens Maturity of Rs.1lakh
500 Days 9.40% 113,573 9.90% 114,335
50 Months 9.25% 146,378 9.75% 149,388

Other nationalized  banks offer fixed deposit rates around 9% and 9.25-9.50% for senior citizens … if any one is looking to invest some big amount .. some higher interest rate can make a significant change and choice of IDBI – Golden Jubilee can be a good option.


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