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Frequently Asked Questions On Investing:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by investors about different investment products.

1.How to calculate income tax on Infrastructure Bonds:

Infrastructure bonds carry tax benefits U/S 80CCF but interest received is taxable similar to bank fixed deposits.In fact,, interest flow statement certificate was expected to provide from Bond Issue companies.As it has not provided by them calculate manually interest received for that particular financial year and add it in your total income.Also take opinion of your tax consultant.

2.Are infrastructure bonds safe?

Most of the infra bond issue offering companies have strong fundamentals.Also it is mentioned in the issue whether it is secure or unsecured.

3.Is 80C tax benefit available in ELSS on dividend reinvested?

As per my poinion, dividend reinvested get 80C Tax benefit.Kindly confirm from tax expert.

4.Are units received by dividend reinvested carries exit load?

No.Units received from dividend reinvestment do not carry exit loads.

5.Which one is better investment : Gold or Silver?

Silver is more for aggressive investors while Gold is for conservative investors.Silver is highly volatile commodity while Gold shows little ressilance towards rise as well fall.

6.Is holding commodity at commodity exchanges is safe,,is any fraud is possible?

Commodities held in demat form at commodities exchanges are safe..only risk is towards price fluctuation.

7.What is difference in SIP and STP and which one is better?

In SIP,particular installment deducts from your Bank account while in STP(Syetematic Transfer Plan),,instalment is transferred from Liquid funds to equity funds.Liquid funds do not carry any entry or exit load,so STPs do not carry any extra charges.STP should be preferred over SIP as liquid funds are capable of higher returns than returns of bank savings account.

8.I am looking for good charting application.Suggest some of them.

I personally have experince of Sharekhan Trade tiger.If anyone want to suggest other good plateforms,,kindly suggest in comment section.

9.Are company deposits safe?

Company deposits are not insured,,but one can invest small part by studing the fundamentals.Fixed deposits offering Companies like HDFC,Shriram Transport Finace,DHFL have strong fundamentals.

10.Should I invest in Gold at this level?

Whereever is volatility,SIP is useful. Better to invest through SIP in funds like Reliance / Kotak Gold funds as well invest in lumpsum(value averaging) through Gold ETfs or NESL e-gold series.

11.How to build ideal portfolio?

Ideal portfolio means combination of saving (fixed deposits,Bonds,Debt mutual funds),Equity through mutual fund SIPs with combination of large,midcap funds,Mediclaim and Term insurance.% allocation depends upon age and nature of  investors.


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