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How To Track Your Investments Online With ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds –

ICICI-Pru Tracker is the online application which helps investors to track their mutual fund investments with them.ICICI Prudential mutual fund offers products from different segments like large cap,mid-cap ,Gold Funds & dedt funds with different objectives.

Track your investment with ICICI-Pru Tracker –

To track your investment online, investor need to have following things reistered with AMC.

– Folio No

-PAN / KYC  – Ok.

– Bank Account Details.

– Registered E-Mail ID.

1. Visit & find the ICICI-Pru Tracker Section as below:

ICICI-Pru -Welcome

2.After you click Register here link you will find 04 steps you need to complete for successful registration online –

Steps-ICICI Pru Tracker

3.Investor just need to Enter your details as asked in above steps & investor will receive IPIN online.

4. Whole process of registration will take few minutes and after investor logged in the account he can start tracking investment online:Wel-Come screen will show your total invested value & current value of investment.

ICIC-Pru-Tracker-Initial  5.If you click MF portfolio then all funds with its current valuation will displayed:

ICIC-Pru Tracker-Valuation

6.One can make online purchase from this application.Units bought prior to Jan 2013 can redeemed, switched out or one  can set trigger for these units.

7.Different fund houses like HDFC / Reliance also offer such facility & we will take view in future.

Important Note – This post is meant for Readers Information only.Its not advice for investment in funds of ICICI-Prudential mutual fund.

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