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This post is compilation of few older but helpful posts. Today I turned back and found few interesting things.We have  crossed 250+ posts and number of Unique Visitors [First Time Visitors] have crossed the figure of 5 lakh.At this point I want to highlight few older randomly chosen articles

Today we have listed 10 older but helpful posts from this blog.

  • Cashless Mediclaim – Process & details

It is very important aspect of any health insurance plan.Any policy holder should have information about cashless mediclaim and Process to avail it.We have taken a view of Cashless mediclaim through this post.

  • Comparison Of PPF & Fixed deposit For Maturity amounts for same interest rates:
Fixed deposits and PPF are the instruments very close to any individual.As all of us know,interest  income through PPF is tax free while from FDs its taxable.We assumed rate of interest as 9%  , annual investment of Rs. 1 lakh and made some calculation for different tax brackets which can be viewed Here.
  • Silver Trading
Silver is one of the best asset investment point of view,but as well high risky trading point of view.In India Silver prices varies as per changes in the base price & Rupee – Dollar currency pair.We have taken a view of factors which affects silver base prices and the post can be Viewed Here.
  • Asset Allocation – PPF (Or Gold) , Fixed deposit and Mutual Fund SIP:
Mutual funds are the volatile assets above and others can be expected to be offer stable returns.We have considered a scenario of [15% , 0%, -15%] SIP returns and tried to find out cumulative flow for next 15 yrs..If equity performed well i.e. offered 15% SIP returns then it will offer your portolio a great boost.The post can be Viewed Here.
  • Post on Systematic Transfer Plan:
We have explained concept of Systematic Transfer Plan [STP] with an example of Reliance Growth  and Reliance Liquid Fund.This post can be viewed Here.
  • Recurring Deposits:
RD is a good and safe way to accumulate money in longer term.Interest rate is generally known for at least next 5 yrs.Detailed post on Recurring Deposits can be viewed here.
  • My Mutual fund Statement:
There are number of investors still relying on their distributors for mutual fund statements.I receive number of emails in this regard.We have briefly explained how one can demand their statement from CAMS website , if email Id is registered with them.This post can be viewed here.
  • Child Plans from Insurance Companies:
Parents are always find in dilemma as far Child Plans are concerned.On one side they offer good death benefit but on the other side overall returns are peanuts.We take a view of Child plans and can be Viewed Here.
  • MCX futures:
Multi Commodity Exchange is leading commodity future exchange in India.One can get information on MCX futures from this post.
  • General Exclusions in Mediclaim Policy:
Exclusions and co-payments are very important aspects of any mediclaim policy..In general what may not be covered in your mediclaim plan can be viewed here.

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