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How To Demand Your Mutual Fund Statement Online Anytime:

I am sure that number of mutual fund investors know how to demand consolidated statement of mutual funds serviced by Karvy computershare,CAMS and Franklin Templeton.

But also I am sure that few investors do not know about and this post is for them so that they should not depend on their distributor for the statements.

  1. Visit

When you enter the,home page will be opened.

2. Find Link on home Page for Online Services for investors:

3.Wnen you click on online services for investors link a new page with option of mail back services is opened.

4.When you click Check it Out! then window will open with option to choose the funds serviced by CAMS only or consolidated statement by mutual funds serviced by CAMS,Karvy and Franklin.

5.When you click the link then window to enter e-mail id will open Just enter your e-mail Id .As well statement received will be password encrypted enter the password which you need to enter when it will receive to you via email.


Just we need to remember few things before opting for statement:

  1. You will receive statement only if e-mail id is registered with the registrar.
  2. You will not get details of other mutual funds not serviced by Karvy,CAMS and Franklin [E.g. Sundaram].
  3. It will take time depending upon load on the server.

Portfolio statement from KARVY MUTUAL FUND SERVICES:

If you have registered your email id then you can demand online statement any time from Karvy website…inclusive of Sundaram Mutual fund and those serviced by CAMS or Franklin Templeton.

Pl click here to demand online mutual fund statement.You need to enter your Email Id registered with mutual funds and password which you will need to open passward protected mutual fund statement.

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  1. S Kumar says:

    I have a query, my father in law had invested some amount in different mutual funds around year 2000 to 2007 in which some of the mutual funds having his PAN card number (as PAN is not mandatory at that time) and some of the mutual funds having his email ID as it is also not mandatory in some applications, now the concern is that he has no idea about his total investment in that period. It is confirmed that he has invested in 6 AMC’s only. Please guide how a investor get his total investments in MF if PAN number and email ID is not updated in some applications.

    • admin says:


      This is an issue for number of old investors as PAN,Email,phone nos were not available.

      Hope he have kept some old records.

      Only option is to visit those 06 AMC offices.Based on some information like Name,Bank account details,residential address, Folio no(if available) find out the investments made.

      Thereafter he can update the other information.As it is old investment AMC may demand Signature attestation from your bank to update the records.


  2. i want to know how to correct my wife name and my name too in SBI mutual fund….please reply me.

  3. s.vijayalakshmi says:

    plz send us the statement of account to the given address
    for the below given folio no’s & application no’s. all are in the name of s.vijayalakshmi


    • admin says:

      If you have not registered your mail id please try to visit the M F offices and then you can demand statement online any time.

      You can also send mail to customer service of respective mutual fund for the statement.

  4. Dr.Vishakha says:

    I landed on this blog searching for tax saving infrastructure bonds and find much more other useful and interesting information.
    This Blog is really informational.

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