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Aviva i-Shield,TATA AIA i-Raksha Supreme,LIC NEFT Payouts,Monetary Policy Decision:

Here are few recent personal finance,insurance related news :

Aviva Life i-Shield : Recently Aviva life insurance have launched i-Shield plan which is a term insurance with return of premium as maturity benefit.Returns of premium  is a mid way between pure term insurance & endowment plans.But if you look at the premiums then for non-smoking male / 30 Yrs/50 lakh S.A premium paid will be around Rs.19000 which is much more compared to pure term insurance.Premium of pure term insurance plan from same company i.e. for Aviva i-life will cost around Rs.4500/-only.Max term of 25 years is one more disadvantage of Aviva i-Shield.

TATA AIA i-Raksha Supreme:TATA AIA Life insurance have recently launched term insurance plan named as TATA AIA i-Raksha Supreme.For 30 year old non smoker male / 50 lakh cover premium payable will be around Rs.4250/- only.Premium can be paid as Regularly,for limited term or one time premium.Under limited term payment one can pay premium for selected term of 5/10 years & can remain insured for complete term.

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LIC NEFT Payouts – LIC will pay claims only through NEFT payouts,inclusive of survival benefits offered on money back or similar policies.Remember that your name as on LIC policy document & bank records should be exactly matched.If you have not till registered your bank account details at LIC then you should call LIC advisor & get done the formality earliest.

RBI & Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Review: There will be monetary policy review by RBI on Tuesday 29th January.If there is not rate cut this time then it will be real bad news for market & Indian Rupee.There is as well monetary policy review by Federal Reserve on 30th January & it will be important event for commodities like Gold & Silver.Though interest rate hike is not expected ,comments about economics conditions by Federal reserve can create volatility in the market.You may also like to read: Monetary Policy Rates Across Different Nations.

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