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Life Time Tops Of Few Of Indices And Precious Metals In India:

Today we will have some information about life time highs of different indexes in India,commodities like Gold ,silver and where they stand today.

Life time highes of some of the indices are as follows:

Index Life Time High L.T.H Made On Current Value as on 20th April 2012
Sensex 21108.64 05th Nov 2010 17231.34
Nifty 6338.50 05 Nov.2010 5290.85
CNX Midcap 9853.45 05th Nov 2010 7626.40
Bank Nifty 13303.60 05th Nov 2010 10456.50
BANKEX 15108.27 05th Nov 2010 12049.90
BSE Small Cap 14239.24 08th Jan 2008 6900.58
NSE IT 5563.50 08th Jan 2008 4226.35

Though there are changes in the stocks comparising of different indices,I  think that overall effect of such change will be negligible.From the table above we can view that Small cap index have the worst fall among midcap,sensex or Nifty.Most of indices recovered strongly in  nov 2010,except that of small cap.

Life time highs made by precious metals are as follows:

Please note that values shown below are analogues to international prices of particular commodity.In  physical market prices will be higher.

Commodity Life Time High L.T.H Made On Current Value as on 20th April 2012
Gold(per Kg) 28,66,185 11th Nov 2011 27,39,551.
Silver(per Kg) 67,980 29th April 2011 52,870
Platinum(per Kg) 29,58,717 23rd May 2008 26,31,011

Values above are shown as per Kg basis.I think important thing to observe is that Gold has left platinum back and currently top valued precious metal.

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