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Monetary Interest Rates Comparisons Across Different Nations As In January 2013

Monetary policy is always an important event for capital markets.Its directly related to the sentiments of the market & its also important factor affecting currency of nation.

Two Factors considered by Reserve Banks : RBI always considers two factors before deciding key interest rates- Growth & Inflation.

If inflation is at higher rate  then rate hike is generally not expected.Lower rates can increase liquidity & it will increase the inflation ahead.

Just we take view of interest rates at different nations & found them in the range from Negative to nearly 34%.

List of selected countries & monetary interest rates is as follows.Interest rates at 20 countries have shown below & they are in ascending order.

Sr.No Name Of Country / Bank Interest Rates [%]
1. Denmark Central Bank -0.22
2. Swiss National Bank – Switzerland 0%
3. Monetary Authority Of Singapur – Singapur 0.06%
4. Bank Of Japan 0.10%
5. Federal Reserve Of America 0.25%
6. Bank Of England 0.50%
7. Bank Of Greece 0.75%
8. European Central Bank 0.75%
9. Bank Of Canada 1%
10. Bank Of UAE. 1%
11. Reserve Bank Of Australia 3%
12. Peoples Bank Of China 6%
13. Central Bank Of Sri-Lanka 7.5%
14. Bank Of Bangladesh 7.75%
15. Reserve Bank Of India 8%
16. Russian Federation 8.25%
17. State Bank Pakistan 9.50%
18. Nepal Bank 10.35%
19. Bank Of Ghana 15%
20. National Bank Belarus 34%.

Just we should remember that interest rates are not for comparison purpose.E.g conditions in India & US can not be compared.Federal reserve can keep interest rates at lowest rates 0-0.25% as inflation is not major problem & which is a major factor in India.


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