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What Wealth One May Have Created Through Reliance Growth Fund Through SIP:

Reliance Gowth is one of the oldest scheme and number of investors have this scheme in their portfolio..In recent years,this fund have able to beat the benchmark but not able to beat some other similar funds.

Today We will only focus on the performance since inception.


  • Capital Invested: Rs.3000/- per month.
  • SIP Date Chosen:10th of every month.
Cumulative flow is as shown in the result below:

Scheme Performance Since Inception:

Please note : Graph shows the values as on 10th March of each year and do not show in between fluctuations.


 Final Statistics:

Actual Invested Benchmark Value Reliance Growth Value Index Returns* Scheme returns*
Rs.5,88,000 Rs.20,56,643 Rs.79,23,070 13.70 27.65

* Compounded annual basis.

Gold SIP Returns For The Same Period:

Total Value Of Investment after 10th Mar 2012 Installment:Rs.21,12,630/-

Returns: 14%.


Since last 3-5 years,this fund has not able to beat the other similar funds and that is the matter of concern for investors currently holding the units of this fund..but I think it will better to do some analysis for last 5 yrs and then find some conclusion,isn’t it???


Mutual fund returns are linked to the market returns.Scheme may or may not repeat same returns in future.

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