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Register A Common Email ID Across All Your Mutual Fund Folios:

If you are  mutual fund investor then you may have received notification about updating the common email id across all mutual fund folios or accounts.

I am sure there are number of investors who do not have email Ids updated in their mutual fund accounts.Sole purpose of this post is make aware such investors about content of this mail.

Email received is as follows:

Dear Investor,

As you are aware,SEBI has mandated all mutual funds to issue Monthly Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) based on PAN of unit holder detailing all the financial transactions during the month and unit holding at the end of month across all schemes of mutual funds.For the purpose of issuance of CAS,the folios that have (A) financial transactions in the month  and (B) identical unit holders,identified based on valid PAN are considered and consolidated.

Mutual funds are also required to send half yearly (Sept / March) detailing unit holding at the end of six months,across all the schemes of mutual funds , to all such investors in whose folios no transaction has taken place during last 6 months.

For your benefit and to promote  green initiative,it is proposed to start sending CAS through email of investor(eCAS).eCAS,consisting of transactions /unit holdings across all folios maintained with different mutual funds,will be send via email to one single email Id of the investor and hence it is imperative that you maintain a single email Id across all folios maintained with different mutual funds.

If you have registered different email Ids with different folios then its possible that every month eCAS may be emailed to different email Id ,depending upon the folio in which you transact during the month or email id available in your KYC record.

Furthur,list of all your folios with registered email Id is provided for your ready reference.

What You Need To Do Now:

  1. If you are regularly reading all emails provided then you can keep them as it is.
  2. You need to ensure than PAN No is updated across all your folios.You can update your address/PAN No/other details by using KYC update form for which link is given below.
  3. Update E-mail Id in KYC: You will receive your ecas statement at email id registered at KYC.If Email is not provided in KYC form then email will received at email address registered at the folio where last transaction was made.If you want to update the email Id in KYC registration then Click Here To download the KYC Update form & submit in any one of mutual fund house where you have invested or at registry office of CAMS or Karvy.If you have never done your kyc before then you need to use this Fresh KYC Form.

But remember that consolidated statement is not useful for review of your mutual fund investments as it carries information & valuation of only those folios where transaction were not taken place within last 06 months..

So also view:How To Get Mutual Fund Statement Online.Meanwhile look of CAMS website has been changed still it may help you to find the relevant steps.

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