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Daily Or Monthly – Which Frequency Was Better In Last Year:

Systematic investment is possible through different frequencies like daily,fortnightly,monthly or quarterly..

I was curious about which one will prove better so made some calculation based on some assumptions as stated below..We compare here daily and monthly frequency.

  • Suppose that investment was made in Reliance Growth Fund.
  • Investing period is assumed for last one year (15th March 2011 – 15th March 2012).
  • It is assumed that investment was made in Reliance Growth fund.
  • Daily investment was made only when share market is invested value comes to 2,40,000..For monthly frequency it is assumed that equivalent value with monthly SIP of 20000/- was started.
  • Lumpsum investment was made at the start of period.
  • Monthly SIP Date is assumed as 15th of every month..This date and daily sip facility may not be available for actual investment.

The result is as summarized below:

Frequency Invested Total Invested Units Value as on 15th March -2012
Daily 1000 daily 2,40,000 585.8621 256.625
Monthly 20000 p.m 2,40,000 567.5643 2,51,467
One time 2,40,000 2,40,000 556.6916 2,43,830


How Value Grows actually:

Please Note: Graph shows only data points as on 15th of every month and do not show the fluctuations in between.

Here we can find that  for last year daily investment made was profitable with some what margin only….it doesn’t affect much..from simplicity point of view  monthly investing looks better and easy.

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