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My Choice Of Mutual Funds:

Choice of mutual fund scheme is truely difficult among  more than 40 mutual fund houses in India..Today I take view of mutual funds of my choice,of course every one have its own choices and may suggest me for addition /deletion of the scheme.

Screenshot from the CAMS statement are as follows from different E-mail Ids:


Scheme Name Type
DSP Blackrock TIGER* Infrastructure
HDFC Prudence Balanced
HDFC Tax Saver Equity Diversified
ICICI-Pru Tax Plan Equity diversified
HDFC Equity Multicap
IDFC Tax advantage Equity diversified
Quantum Equity FOF Fund Of Fund

Comments on few funds:

DSP Blackrock TIGER Fund:

Recently purchased few units of DSP Black rock TIGER fund..We have purchased the units on contra basis in bearish phase  and sell in bullish phase.Though there are less chances of immediate boost for this sector,we think that there is reasonable correction in infrastructure and power stocks.

Quantum Equity FOF:

This fund invests in different mutual fund schemes of diff fund houses.It currently invests in different 6 equity diversified  mutual fund schemes..Low slide down is the main characteristic of this fund.

Rest,every individual investor may have its own choice of fund portfolio….Would you like to share your portfolio??If yes,then can comment below in the section below…..

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