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Download Application Form Of IFCI Series-5 Tax Saving Bonds:

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IFCI has come up with their 80-ccf tax saving issue on 29th Feb.2012.It is open till 30th March 2012.

Last Date of the issue is extended till30th March 2012,till bank closing hours.

[This issue is closed …so please do not enter the details now.]

To download the form just enter your email address and you will receive an autogenerated E-mail with mention of form download link.

E-mail id is just for to avoid anonymous downloads of application forms..

//Last Date of issue is 30th March 2012,though its printed as 27th March on the application form,it doesn’t matters.

Please read the instructions below first.

Please Note:

  • After you hit the submit button you will receive the auto generated e-mail (PLEASE CHECK SPAM FOLDER) .you can just reply to that mail if you have any query or doubts.
  • We do not keep track of email ids provided here.
  • Investment in Infra bonds is only one time investment…like fixed deposits…Its not like insurance policy where one need to pay for each year..Investor can decide for next year whether he want to invest or not.

Collection centres:

Forms can be submitted at the designated centres of the HDFC and IndusInd banks only.
To find the centres of IndusInd Bank CLICK HERE.
To find the centres of HDFC Banks Please CLICK HERE.

General Form Filling Instructions:

  • Start the form filling  from “Number of bonds applied for(B):”  As face value of the bond is 5ooo, for investment of 20000 total bonds applied will be 04….You can apply for min 1 bond…..For 04 bonds (Rs.20,000) it will be look like this.
  • There are four shown below:
If you choose I(cumulative) then you will receive the principal and compounded interest at the end of the period.You will have withdrawal option after 5th and 7th Year…Incase II(Annual) option,interest will be received annually in the bank account provided and principal will be received at the end of period.
  • If you are going to take demat mode then enter DP-ID / Client ID Details accurately.In case of physical mode,ignore the table.This DP-Id / Client Id details are available on the communication received to you from the broker or also you can call your broker and ask about it.
  • Just find the different fields: Applicants Name,Bank account details,Pan No,Cheque details,signature. etc.
  • Enter MICR Code (09 Digit) available on the cheque..immediate to the chq no .in the space tagged as “NECS/ECS payment” in the application form.
  • Draw cheque in favor of “IFCI Ltd-Infra Bond”.


  • Self attested copy of address proof(List is available on second page of the form)
  • Self attested copy of pan card.
  • Cheque in favor of “IFCI Ltd-Infra Bond”.
  • Cancelled copy of cheque.
  • In case of demat mode,only self attested pan card and cheque is required.
How to Submit the Form:
After form is filled,then just staple it in following order:
  • Cheque in favor of issue,
  • application form,
  • Copy Of  Pan Card,
  • Copy Of Address Proof, 
  • cancelled cheque……and submit it at the collection centre.You will receive an acknowledgement slip and you need to retain it.

What is Maturity Value:

  • For I cumulative Option:
Exit / Money withdrawal is possible after 5th , 7th or 12th year and maturity value for Rs.20,000/-  will be as follows.
At the end of Value Of Rs.20,000/-
5th Year 30,076
7th Year 35,404
12th Year 53,236


  • For III Cumulative Option:

Exit / withdwawal money is possible after 5th, 10th and 15 th year.The maturity amount will be as follows:

At the end of Value Of Rs.20,000/-
5th Year 30,380
10th Year 46,148
15th Year 70,096

What is money withdrawal procedure:

As per standard procedure,investors receive the intimation period from the registrar before exit window option available.Most of the times investor need to surrender the bonds (if opted for physical mode) by registered post /courier and after completion of the exit window period money get credited by ECS / warrant.

Other Ongoing 80-CCF Issues:

PTC Financial services:For details of this issue PLEASE CLICK HERE.
Last Date: 27th March 2012.
If you wish to receive the application form of PFS with the designated HDFC collection centres please email me on :…Collection centres of HDFC may be nearly similar as IFCI above.


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