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HDFC Deposits – Double_Money & Money Multiplier Plan

HDFC Ltd – is a leading public limited company engaged in the business of providing long term finance for for purchase or construction of residential houses in India.

HDFC Deposits - Double_Money

HDFC have Eleven wholly owned subsidiaries and eight other subsidiaries..Well known HDFC subsidiaries include:

  • HDFC holding Ltd – Carries business of investments in stocks, shares,debentures and other securities.
  • HDFC Trustee Company – Trustee of HDFC Mutual Funds.
  • HDFC Sales Ltd – Distributor of Home loans & other financial products.
  • HDFC Life Insurance.
  • HDFC-Ergo General Insurance.
  • HDFC Credila – Educational Loans.
  • HDFC Pension Management Company – Pension Fund Managers.

Credit Rating : “AAA”  by CRISIL & ICRA since more than 18 years.

Apart from HDFC platinum Deposits and other General Deposit plans HDFC has come up with new deposits Viz. HDFC Double Money and Money Multiplier plan.

HDFC Deposits – Double_Money Plan:

Interest rates as in Dec 2013.


Regular Sr.Citizen


95 Months

93 Months

Interest Rates – compounded Per Annum

9.15% 9.35%

Maturity Value Of Rs.1Lakh



HDFC Deposits – Money Multiplier Plan:


Regular Sr.Citizen Regular Sr.Citizen

Period – Months

55 54 76


Interest Rates – compounded Per Annum

9.23% 9.41% 9.23%


Maturity Value* Of Rs. 1Lakh 1,50,000 1,50,000 1,75,000


*Maturity  s.t Tax Deducted at source.TDS will applicable if interest accrued or paid exceed limit of Rs. 5000 in financial year.Depositor can submit 15G or 15H form to avoid tax deduction at source.

HDFC  Net Profits – After  Tax- Last three years:

Net profit of HDFC for last three years are as follows:

Financial Year Ended Profit Before Tax Profit After Tax Equity Dividend Per share
March 31,2013 6572.84 Crores 4848.34 Crores 12.50
March 31, 2012 5665.62 Crores 4122.62  Crores 11.00
March 31, 2011 4866.96 Crores 3534.96 Crores 9.00

Interest rates of HDFC deposits are AAA rated since long and need to be compared with those offered by banks which are currently in the range of 9 – 9.25%.One can think for HDFC deposits if looking for some other option for diversification.

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