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Reliance Smart STeP: Frequently Asked Questions:

Systematic Transfer Plans (STP) offers an effective combination of debt/liquid and equity schemes.STP involves investment in debt/liquid schemes and transfer of fixed amount in equity funds per month.Reliance mutual fund offers an additional facility named as Smart STeP facility to investors.It is presented in the form of frequently asked questions.

1.What is Reliance Smart STeP facility?

Reliance Smart STeP is an enhanced systematic transfer plan based on scientific model prepared by the AMC.This model enables investors to invest more when market is at lower level and invest less when market is at higher level.Based on market conditions, model will select the market positioning and will take the investment decision.

2.Who can invest through Reliance Smart STeP?

Any individual ,Society,public/private companies can invest through this facility.

3.Who will select STP date?

STP date is fixed on 10th of every month.

4.How Reliance Smart STeP works?

At the time of enrollment of this facility,investors need to choose transferor scheme(Debt/Liquid) scheme and transferee scheme(Equity).New investor needs to invest in transferor scheme through lumpsum or SIP mode.System will calculate the monthly amount to be transfered in equity scheme based on scientific model.
Following plans are available for investors:
Plan Low(Rs) Medium(Rs) High(Rs)
A 500 1000 1500
B 1500 3,000 4,500
C 8,000 12,000 16,000
D 15,000 15,000 30,000
E X* 1.5X 2X

* Investor can select the amount starting from Min.Rs.30,000

If investor choose Plan “A”, then system will decide how much to transfer in equity plan (Rs.500,Rs.1000 or Rs. 1500) per month.based on market conditions on 8th of each month and actual amount will be transfered on 10th of the month.

5.What are entry and exit loads in this facility?

There is not any entry loads.

Exit load will be as applicable in base scheme.

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