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Interest Payment Dates – REC,PFC,HUDCO,NHPC,IIFCL Tax Free bonds 2013-14

This post is created to get handy and precise information about Interest payment dates  and allotment dates of tax free bonds which have already hit the market and upcoming in future.

We will update this post whenever there are updates about upcoming tax free bonds.

Till different PSUs like REC,HUDCO,NHPC,PFC,IIFCL have issued tax free bonds and next tranche or issues of other companies can be expected in this financial year.

Issuer Company -Date of Allotment and Interest Payment:

Issuer Company

Interest Payment Date

Deemed Date of Allotment

REC – Tax Free Bonds 2013 Dec 01, Every year Sept 24,2013
HUDCO-Tr 1 – Oct 25 ,every year Oct25,2013
NHPC April 01, Every Year Nov 02, 2013
PFC Nov 16, every Year Nov 16, 2013
IIFCL-Tr-01 Nov 12, Every year Nov 12, 2013.
HUDCO Tr-2 – Tax Free Bonds 2013 January 13, every year Jan 13, 2014
NTPC – Tax Free Bonds 2013 Dec 16,every year Dec 16, 2013
National Housing Bank January 13, Every year January 13, 2014.
IIFCL-Tr-02 Jan 22, Every year January22, 2014.

Links for issue details:

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