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Comparing Different Indexes – Oct 2013 and Jan 2008

Today stock market closed at life time high and its very close to intra day high of sensex and Nifty.

In 2008,markets were peaked and then corrected significantly.

Though market have recovered individual sectors have performed much differently than that of market indexes and today we will compare the different indices in January 2008 and Oct 2013.

Sector Index as on 10 Jan 2008 Index as on 30  Oct 2013
Sensex 20873 21033
NIFTY 6287 6251
IT Index 4244 8462
FMCG 2394 6804
Capital Goods 19,485 9084
Health Care 4297 9617
BSE200 2724 2470
BSE500 8746 7594
BSEPSU 10801 5664
BANKEX 12478 12838
OIL & GAS 13832 8809
Metal Index 18750 9019
BSE Auto 5413 12077
BSE Power 4700 1574
CNX Midcap 9655 7425

One can have some observations as follows:

  1. Mid Cap index is under performing with higher margin and chances are high that mid caps will try to cover the margin in short to medium term.Analysts believe that number of good stocks are undervalued and will offer good value in future.
  2. Power ,Infrastructure,Capital Goods index have sharply under performed than market indices.
  3. Defensive sectors like Pharma,FMCG ,healthcare are the limited sectors which have out performed in last 05 years.
  4. Banking sector have performed in line with the market indices.

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