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IIFCL Tax Free Bonds Oct 2013 To Open On Oct 03, 2013:

IIFCL – ┬áIndia Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd – is Govt Of India owned company started in 2006 to provide the long term financial assistance to infrastructure projects across India.

IIFCL have come up with an issue of Tax Free Bonds in Oct 2013 and company will raise 2500 crore through this issue.

This is the first Tranche issue and company may up with further similar issues with tranche-2 and more.

Imp Dates:

  1. Issue Open Date: 03/10/2013.
  2. Issue Close Date:31/10/2013.

Credit Rating : CARE AAA / ICRA AAA / IND AAA / BWR AAA.

Coupon Rates:


Series Of bonds

For Category I,II and III.

Series 1A Series 2A Series 3A
Coupon Rates 8.01% 8.38% 8.50%

For Category IV Investors

Series 1B Series 2B Series 3B
Coupon Rate 8.26% 8.63% 8.75%
Tenure 10 Yrs 15 Yrs 20 Yrs
  • Category I Investors :Qualified Institutional Buyers.
  • Category II investors: Domestic corporates.
  • Category III investors: HNIs – High Networth Individuals /HUFs – Investing for more than 10 lakh across all series of bonds.
  • Category IV: Individuals / HUFs investing for 10 lakh or less amount.

One can view that Category IV investors tend to get some additional benefit and highest coupon rate offered is 8.75% for a period of 20 years.

Face value of bond is Rs 1000/- and investors can apply for min 05 bonds or Rs.5000/-.

Category: Fixed Income


3 Responses

  1. Manmohan Krishan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have not received interest on tax free bonds of IIFCL Trenche-II SR1B 500 number of 5 lac value for 15 years allotted against application no 15147315 bond no 4817 16850722 B in my demat account no 1156214 with HDFC securities.
    However interest for 10 year bond 200 number in same account was received on 22st January.
    I request you to please look into matter a

    • admin says:


      you need to contact Registrar of issue. You may have received allotment advice of tax free bonds.You can get their Email or contact no.
      Thank you.

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