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HDFC Smart Deposits For Companies – Details &Interest Rates

Housing Development Finance Corporation HDFC is currently offering Fixed Deposits named as HDFC Smart Deposits solely for companies.

Any corporate body & pvt limited company can invest in this fixed deposit scheme.

Minimum application amount is Rs.5 Lakh & max application amount is Rs.5 Crore.

Last month HDFC was changed interest rates for smart deposits & current deposit rates are as follow:

Interest Rates:

Quarterly Interest Payment Option:

Period Rate Of Interest
        Amount upto 1 Crore
12 M < 24Months 9.10%
24 M <=36 Months 9%
         Amount 1 Cr – 5 Cr
12 months 9.10%
24 month 9.10%
36 Months 9%

Annual Payment / Cumulative Option:

Period Rate Of Interest
  Amount upto 1 Crore
90 Days < 365 Days 9.00%
12 M < 24Months 9.40%
24 M <=36 Months 9.30%
    Amount 1 Cr – 5 Cr
90 Days < 365 Days 9.00%
12 months 9.40%
24 month 9.40%
36 Months 9.30%

Imp Notes:

  • Interest Rates tend to change & interest rates applicable as on date of application are applicable.
  • TDS subject to tax rules.
  • Interest rates on deposits above Rs.5 Crore as per extant guidelines.


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