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How To Become A Mutual Fund Distributor:

It is mandatory for all persons involved in selling and distribution of mutal funds including individual mutual fund distributors,associates and staff of corporate brokers,employees of AMCs to pass NISM mutual fund distribution exam.Some of the details of this process are as follows.

  • Mutual fund distributor exam is conducted by National Institute Of Securities Markets.This institute works under Security Exchange Board Of India(SEBI).
  • Examination objective is to create the minimum benchmark knowledge for all persons seek to sell mutual funds.
  • Educational Qualification: Min. 12th Std Pass.
  • Exam Fee: Rs.1000/-
  • Question Paper is comprised of 100 Questions of 1 mark each.
  • Questions are based on understanding on basics of mutual funds,different kinds of schemes and their features,scheme evaluation,choice of scheme for prospective investors,Legalities,accounting , taxation of mutual funds,financial planning aspects,client relationships etc.
  • Exam duration : 2 Hrs.
  • Passing score is minimum 50%.There is negative marking of 25% of the marks assigned to the question.
  • How to apply: One can apply online / offline through website of national stock exchange.Exam is carried at NSE centres at Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata,Chennai,Hyderabad,Ahemadabad on every working days. Also NISM have their own test centres .Exam needs to taken within 180 days of registeration and can not be rescheduled. Exam is also conducted at test centres of different cities subject to availability of sufficient candidates.

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