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Daily SIP Facility:

Its a matter of debate whether daily syetematic investment plans are useful or not.But certainly it is not a very much bad idea.

Daily SIP is something complicated as it may creat a lot of entries to your bank account statement.But one can overcome it by investing through STP way i.e.invest some lumpsum amount in liquid fund and transfer daily some fixed amount to equity fund.

Not all but very few of mutual funds are currently offering this facility.

1.Quantum Mutual Fund: It allows daily SIP starting from minimum of Rs.100 per day.

2.IDFC Mutual fund: To start daily SIP,minimum amount is Rs.2000/- per day.

3.Bharati Axa Mutual fund: Min. daily sip amount is Rs.300/-.

4.IDBI Mutual Fund: Daily STP is allowed in IDBI mutual fund from IDBI liquid fund / IDBI ultra short term fund to IDBI Nifty Index Fund and IDBI Nifty Junior Index fund.

5. Sundarm mutual fund do not allow daily SIP but one can invest through weekly SIP.

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