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Important International Events And Data Release For Week 02 July-07July 2012:

Now onwards we have decided to have a post on each weekend for updates and view of national and international data releases and events for the week ahead.Data release,announcements are important source of volatility in the market and its important for any investor to have information about upcoming events in the world.With this point of view,we will have a post for the same on each weekend.We will try to cover only medium and major events from United states,Euro zone and India.

These events are very useful for Currency and commodity,especially Gold and silver traders.

Time of the events shown is as per Indian Standard Time(IST).

Important Events From U.S For week July 02 – July, 2012:

This week is full of important datas for united states and have ability to set a short term trend for US dollar.

  • Unemployment Rate:This is high importance data and will be released on Friday July 06,2012,Time :06:00 PM (IST).It is a measure of total work force that is unemployed.Forecast is that unemployment rate will remain constant at 8.2% at previous rate.Higher than expected reading is bearish for USD and vice versa is true as well.
  • Non-Farm payrolls:This is another major data with high importance and create immediate voatility across currency and commodity markets.It will be released on July 06,2012,Time :06:00 PM (IST.)It measures the change in number of peoples employed during previous month,excluding the farming industry.Market expectations are increase in non-farm payrolls from 69,000 to 90,000,,if comes true then likely to be bullish news for USD.
  • Initial Jobless / Unemployment Claims:This is high importance data and will be released on 05th July 2012,6:00 PM (IST).It measures the number of individuals who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time during last week.Expectations are that there will be very minor change (386 K to 385 K)than previous claims.If results are as per expected then it will be a good news for USD.
  • ADP Non Farm Employment Change: This is high impact data and will be released on Thursday,05th July 2012, 5:45 PM (IST).This release means good prediction of govt. non-farm payroll data.¬†Expectations¬†¬†are of reduction in ADP Non farm Employment Change from 133 K To 100 K.If data release is as per expectations then it will be bearish for USD.
  • ISM Non-Manufacturing Index:This is medium impact data and will be released on 05th July 2012,7:30 PM (IST).This index rates the level of business conditions like employment,Productions,New orders,inventories Etc.from non-manufacturing industry.
  • ISM Manufacturing Index:This is high impact data and will be released on Monday July 02,7:30 PM (IST).This index rates the level of business conditions from manufacturing industry.Expectations are of slightly lower reading of 52.0 than previous of 53.5 which will be negative for USD,if true.
  • Inventory Release:There is crude oil and natural gas inventory (stock held by US firms ) data release every week.Crude oil inventory will be released on Thursday,05th July 2012,8:30 PM (IST).This release creates immediate impact on crude oil prices.While Natural gas inventory will be released on Thursday,8:00 PM.

Major Data From India For Week 02 July-07 July 2012:

  • Indian Trade Balance:This is medium impact data and will be released on Monday,12:00 Noon (IST).It measures the difference in value between imported and exported goods and services over a certain period of time.Positive number means more goods and services were imported than exported. Expectations are of lower reading of -16.3B than that of previous -13.5B which is negative for Indian Rupees.
  • Indian Forex Reserve data:This is in general mild natured data.It will be declared on Friday,5:00 PM.Higher than expected reading can be bullish for indian rupees.

Important Data Release For Euro Zone:

  • Interest rate decision From ECB:This is high importance data and will be released on Thursday, 5:15 PM (IST).There will be a vote from members of ECB and market expectations are of decrease in interest rates to 0.75% from current 1%.
  • ECB Press Conference:After declration of ECB rates there will be a press conference from members of ECB. on 6:00 PM (IST)..As real time economic conditions will be discussed during press conference,a higher volatility is expected during these hours.

Such News creates volatility in the market and can create good trading opportunity especially for currency and commodity traders.


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