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Excel:Best Offline Personal Finance Manager-Part I

There are very less tools which have both ‘simple’ and ‘powerful’ attributes and MS Excel is one of them.We can easily use Excel for personal finance calculations,store and track the data.As this is offline tool we ┬áneed to do / update few things manually.

This is a Part-I post on Excel as it is difficult to incorporate all the uses in single post.

Record Of Fixed Deposits:

We can FD record of different banks with calculation like principal,todays value and maturity value.

Similar to this we can create for other instruments like NCDs,80-ccf issues and other debt instruments.

[Above Excel file is continuous in fact.Due to less horizontal space its shown in two parts.]

Record of Mutual funds:

Record can be kept with order of name of the scheme,total units,NAV ,original investment,current value and % returns.Number of units and NAV will be changed time to time and can be updated accordingly.

Similar sheet can be prepared for stocks,Gold and silver also.

[Above Excel file is continuous in fact.Due to less horizontal space its shown in two parts.MF Scheme names are merely indicative and not necessarily recommendations]

Home Loan schedule:

We can track the home loan / car loan schedule,for paid and next installments.


What Next Can we do In Excel-Part-II post:

Create Summary of Each Individual using Pivot Table:

Tracking of individual investments of Mr X and Mrs X in above case.

Create Dash Board:

We can create dashboard summary with different headings like Equity,Debt, Precious metals and connect all source files to dash board.We can track asset allocation very well using Dashboard.

Tax Planning Files:

We can create Excel file having detailed tax saving investments for that particular year and keep it for future reference.
There are number of online tools available for investment tracking purpose.But I do not find anything as simple as Excel is.As well we can keep files at email also to access any time and anywhere isn’t it?


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