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Allotment Status:IFCI Series-4 And REC 80-CCF Infrastructure Bonds:

One can now check allotment status of IFCI series-4 and REC tax saving infrastructure bonds having tax benefits u/s 80-ccf.

To check IFCI Allotment status online Click here.

To Check REC allotment status Click here.

To check IFCI one can enter either application number,pan no or DP-Id client Id number and for REC one need Pan no or DP-Id/Client Id number.

Its possible that few of the applicants may have not received the allotment.Common reason may be applications are not signed,cheque is not cleared due to various reasons like signature mismatch,wrong demat benefeciary account number etc.Max times issue registrars cooperates  by demanding the requistic missing documents afterwards and they release the bonds only after receival of the same.

If anyone have applied and not get allotment can still invest in currently ongoing L&T,IDFC or PFS issues.


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  1. a kaliaperumal says:

    application no 802613 chq no 6642,rs 20000.00 20.03.2012
    i have not received any allottment letter, certificate not received,demate stmt not received. kindly expedite. 9381017640, but no reply sofar.

    • admin says:

      Was you apply in demat mode?
      If yes then you can check it online or confirm it by calling your broker.
      Otherwise,you can contact Karvy at email

  2. a kaliaperumal says:

    application no 802613 chq no 6642,rs 20000.00 20.03.2012
    i have not received any allottment letter, certificate not received,demate stmt not received. kindly expedite. 9381017640


    I have submitted Rs.20,000/-to HDFC Bank for long term Infrastructure Bond-2012 through cheque no. 9738833 dt 02.01.2012.But still date i have not received the required bond.
    Application form no 1844712.

  4. HUBLAL says:



  5. b s v n r radhika says:

    my application no 562945 dt 6/1/12 i haven’t received the bond physically .
    please let me know how can i get it.

  6. Rajen Gopi says:

    My application No:112966 [application date: 04.01.2012] for INFRA BONDS, 04 units for option 01…….NOT RECEIVED PHYSICAL BONDS…..
    Karvy Computershare, Hyderabad also not replied to my letter dated: 12.March.2012.
    What do I do next?

    • admin says:

      See your broker who can help you.

      • Rajen Gopi says:

        Typical reply that can be expected from your sector!

        • admin says:

          Its not question of typical reply…I have helped number of peoples here..
          first of all,its your brokers responsibility to help you out.Next,I checked the allotment and its someone Eshawarlal who is holding these bonds so how can I help you if you are with different name…
          Next what I can do if Karvy itself do not reply to you.

  7. sushma arya says:

    my bond application number is 0150967. I have not got the bonds yet bought in march 2012

    sushma arya

    • admin says:

      You have not received the physical certificate as issuers still have not dispatched Series-5 bonds.
      You can check allotment status with above mentioned link.Select IFCI series-5 bonds.

  8. sibsankar dattagupta says:

    on receiving one email I invested in ifci infra bond through the mobile no 7278xxxxx and in the 2nd time also my known 2 person invested through the messenger sent from the said mobile no. Presently till lapse of long period original certificate has not yet received by the said friend. I tried to make a contact to the said mobile, but every time it is switched off. pl look into

    • admin says:

      Check allotment status as well address details with above links.
      You can download duplicate advice online for future reference.

  9. MASHAH says:

    today april 11, 2012 i have not received REC Ltd Tax Saving Bonds and not recieved refund. I have no idea about what’s going on because as per law allotment advice or refund send to invester within one month but still waiting ???????

    • admin says:

      Don’t know about internal issues which have caused the delay.
      Its actually allotment which needs to be done within 30 days from closure of issue.

  10. narendra singh khamesra says:

    I sent all required documents for change of address on 26/3/12 through mail to M/S KARVY, who is registrar of IFCI infra long term bond SERIES-IV, but till date/time nothing has been done except getting mails from M/S Karvy that address is already in their record. Several times talked to CUSTOMER EXECUTIVE over phone as well 6 reminder mail sent by me. Complaint nos. (299221 & 300494 ) also taken but of no avail. If M/S Karvy post the bonds (applied in paper format ) at old address & then misplaced then I will be in great trouble to arrange duplicate one. AS PER M/S Karvy , CHANGE OF ADDRESS IS MADE BY THEM IN 3 DAYS .

    • admin says:

      I think,Karvy people can only tell about the address is changed or not…Chances are higher that your address may have updated.
      It will not be misplaced as if there is no one to collect it at old address then it will go back to the registrar..

  11. SUDIP KUNDU says:

    Iwas applied for IFCI infrabond IV and get the allotment status on 16/02/12 .
    But when I will get a certificate of this in hard copy.


    Iwas applied for IFCI infrabond on 09/02/12 and I got allotment on15/02/12.
    But when I will get a certificate of this in hard copy.

  13. Mehul says:

    I had written to the registrar of REC’s latest Infra bond issue Feb 2012 (Beetel) on Saturday 10th March 2012, seeking details of allotment / refund. They said allotment is not yet done and suggested to wait for few more days. I don’t know what is going on. Why are they taking so long for refunds / allotment!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mehul,

      Thanks for the information…we can’t say anything about internal issues.But such delays should not happen as it can dampen the investors belief.

      • Mehul says:

        I understand they can use the application money without paying any interest on it up to 30 days from deemed date of allotment, which is 15th Feb 2012 for this issue of Infra bonds. I have the feeling that refund amounts should start hitting the bank A/cs as early as today so as to avoid any interest payments on the same.

        • Mehul says:

          To be precise, 30 days from 15th Feb comes to 16th March. So refunds (in case of no allotment) should hit the bank A/cs by tomorrow.

          • admin says:

            Investor will receive the interest on application / refund money from the date money has credited in issuers account.

          • Mehul says:

            Thanks for the clarification. I got confused with other clause which states that “In case of rejection of the application on account of technical grounds or receipt of application after the closure of the issue, refund without interest will be made within a period of 30 days from the deemed date of allotment of the bonds.”

          • admin says:


          • Mehul says:

            I just now checked the registrar’s website. The allotment status is now available.

          • admin says:

            Thanks for the info..few of the allotments were showing earlier..
            Can you please confirm that on which date you was deposited the application….

          • Mehul says:

            I had submitted the application form with the HDFC bank on6th or 7th Feb 2012 and the cheque hit my bank A/c on 8th Feb. Allotment letter is dated 15th March 2012. Interest on the application money is not yet credited.

  14. Gaurav Gulia says:


    I had applied for IFCI Long Term Bonds (Series IV). No shares have been alloted to me.
    But I have not received my refund so far.

    Kindly help.

  15. somang says:

    I have invested 20k in IFCI through a broker dated 5th Jan; still i’m looking for some physical form of that..I hv no proof except receipt..Plz help out. Thnx

    • admin says:

      I think its your brokers duty to help you out..

      You can check status of allotment at above link provided..if all details in the allotment advice are true then don’t worry…wait for few days.

  16. Dhaval says:

    I have applied for IFCI Series IV long term bonds and opted for Physical form not in Demat form. The above link for allotment status is asking for DP ID. I dont have it. How do I check the allotment status??

  17. Vignat Vora says:

    REC Bonds yet not credited in Demat A/c . Though , they are allotted.

    • admin says:

      If correct Dp/client id is given then there is no matter of worry.It will credited.

    • Amit Gupta says:

      Hi Friends,

      REC Bonds have yet not been credited to the demat account. I don’t know even, whether the bonds have been yet alloted to me or not. When visited Beetal Finance Site and inputed my PAN No., it show “No Data Available”.

      I am sure of my DP ID and Client ID being filled correctly in the Application form and the money has also been debited from my account. This is a causing worry. Please help.

      • admin says:

        Hi Amit,
        You are not alone..Same case for our number of investors..Few have updated and few have not.
        But this is not worry like situation..Just wait for more clarity.

  18. Hardik says:

    I have invested 20k in IFCI through HDFC bank and I have not application number.So please tell me how can I get the allotement status ?

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