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Allotment Status:IFCI Series-4 And REC 80-CCF Infrastructure Bonds:

One can now check allotment status of IFCI series-4 and REC tax saving infrastructure bonds having tax benefits u/s 80-ccf.

To check IFCI Allotment status online Click here.

To Check REC allotment status Click here.

To check IFCI one can enter either application number,pan no or DP-Id client Id number and for REC one need Pan no or DP-Id/Client Id number.

Its possible that few of the applicants may have not received the allotment.Common reason may be applications are not signed,cheque is not cleared due to various reasons like signature mismatch,wrong demat benefeciary account number etc.Max times issue registrars cooperates  by demanding the requistic missing documents afterwards and they release the bonds only after receival of the same.

If anyone have applied and not get allotment can still invest in currently ongoing L&T,IDFC or PFS issues.


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