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Silver Futures And e-Silver:

Since last few months,silver have become a centre of attraction due to sharp price rise of more than 100%.Investors are looking for different options to invest in silver along with physical way.There are till only two resources where we can invest in silver online.Silver futures and e-silver of national spot exchange.One is future market while other is a spot market.

Suppose Mr “X” booked a flat @ rate of 4000/- per sq ft and pay 10% of booking amount.As per agreement he needs to pay remaining ¬†amount within 3 months or sale the flat.After few days,he found that prices have skyrocketed to 5000/- per sq. feet.As he was bought the flat just for investment so rather taking possession by paying full amount, he sold it out and get profit of Rs.1000 behind per sq. ft..This is similar to how silver future works.There are different contracts expiring at different month.Investor needs to utilise the booking amount which is nearer to 10%.He needs to sell it before contract expiry or take a physical delivery.This is instrument for short term traders who can speculate the price ¬†movement for short term and earn some money through it.

Another side is e-silver of national spot exchange ltd.We can buy silver in demat mode in multiples of 100 gram and hold for unlimited time.This instrument is more useful for longer term investor.Spot market prices are always more than that of future market.But % rise or drop is similar so it won’t affect to returns.

This Diwali,it has found that interest in silver is on rise.As silver do not offer you much beyond storage value,why not to prefer to buy online? We can not make jewellary like Gold as well can not sold out if serious about investment in silver,do not forget to consider options suggested above.

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