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Review:Franklin India Taxshield

Franklin India taxshield is an open ended,ELSS scheme offered by Franklin Templeton mutual fund in India.This scheme is well known for low risk and more than average returns.As this is a tax saver scheme mandatory lock in period is 3 yrs and one can withdraw capital anytime after 3 yrs.or keep with amc.

This fund was introduced in April 1999 and Asset under management is just nearer to Rs. 800 Cr.

Portfolio Details of Franklin India Taxshield:

Top 5 sectors in which this fund have highest exposure are

Sector % Allocation
Financial 16.55
Energy 15.10
Technology 12.30
Communication 11.85
Automobile 8.50

Top 5 Stock Holdings of this fund: 

Stock % Allocation
Infosys 8.68
Bharti Airtel 8.11
ICICI bank 6.04
Reliance Industries Ltd 4.92
Grasim Industries 4.00

 Returns offered on Lumpsum Investment:

Rs.1 Lac Invested In Franklin Taxshield Value as on 30/10/11 Fund Returns (CAGR) Cateogary Returns
Before 5 Yrs 1,67,823 10.91 6.30
Before  3 Yrs 2,05,225 27.08 23.45
Before 2 Yrs 1,30,000 14.02 9.02
Before 1 Yr 95090 -4.91 -13.80

 SIP Returns of the fund:

Rs.3000 pm Invested In Franklin Taxshield Value as on 30/10/11 Fund Returns (CAGR)
Before 5 Yrs 2,47,995 12.77
Before  3 Yrs 1,41,884 18.53
Before 2 Yrs 76,725 6.23
Before 1 Yr 35,870 -0.36

Important thing for ELSS scheme is that being equity oriented maturity amount is tax free in the hands of anyone in higher tax bracket have a great advantage of if you are looking to save some tax u/s 80c do not forget to think about this plan.

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