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08 Imp Points To Remember About Mediclaim Policy

There won’t be any second opinion about importance of  mediclaim plan which will take care of hospitalization expenses.Mediclaim policy is nothing but a contract between policy holder and company with certain terms & conditions.But number of times we are ignorant about important aspects and not able to get advantage of policy.We have listed few important points which one should not forget.

Don’t Forget Renewal Of Mediclaim Plan At Any Cost:

Any Mediclaim policy comes with tenure of either one or two years and need to renew periodically.There is need of Continuous coverage of at least 03-04 years for number of day care and other planned procedures….otherwise claim can be rejected stating illness as “Pre-Existing”Policy holder may not get benefit if policy was not renewed within renewal period.Insurance companies have no binding to send you renewal notices and its policy holders duty to take care of renewal.Especially,Senior Citizens need to take more care about policy renewal in time.

Don’t forget To Look At Sub-Limits :

Generally,Each mediclaim have its own sublimits and sub limits are applicable for Room rent,ICU charges etc.One need to pay add on charges if sub limit is exceeded.So one need to check the sub limits before hospitalization.

Check Network Hospitals :

Generally it is advisable to take treatment from hospital which is in Network of your insurance company.It will help if you are going to avail Cashless Mediclaim facility. If claim is in line, it  will not be denied in case of Non-Network hospitals but one need to pay all charges to hospital first and then  seek reimbursement from insurance company.Treatment & claim process at Non network hospital can also lead to additional documentation.

Intimate Company In Advance About Proposed Hospitalization:

If  hospitalization is planned then  intimate company about proposed hospitalization.Company will issue you claim reference no which you can use in all further process.If their is emergency hospitalization then intimate company at the earliest.It is essential for smooth claim process.

Preserve All documents,Prescription,Test Reports and Bills :

Policy holder need to submit all documents in original so preserve them carefully.One can need all documents from Doctors advise to Hospital bill for claim settlement.One should ascertain self about documents requirement.

Don’t Destroy Old Policy Document :

Policy holder can use facility of Mediclaim Portablity if not satisfied by company.If you opt for policy of other company , don’t destroy policy documents of previous years.You may need copy of previous documents to prove your continuous coverage.

Approach Hospital In Advance To Avail Cashless Mediclaim Benefit:

Hospital is facilitator which mediates between policy holder and insurance company (or TPA) for cashless process.Whole process may require any time between 24 hrs  to 72 hours so in case of planned hospitalization approach at least 4-5 days in advance ,submit pre-authorization, take  approval and then get admitted.

Provide All Information To Responsible Family Member:

One should not forget to provide all important details like policy details,Benefits included to responsible family member so that he o she can take of all processes required for smooth claim settlement.


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