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Cumulative Flow Of PPF and Fixed Deposits After Paying Off The Taxes:

Just few days back we have a post about comparison of PPF and Bank deposits for 80C benefits and compared few features of both the products.This post can be considered as an extension of that post.

Here I have tried cumulative flow of both PPF and Bank fixed deposits( with tax liability of different tax brackets).


  • Returns of PPF and Fixed deposits are considered to be 9% for next 15 Yrs.
  • Rs 1 lakh invested in both PPf and bank deposits on 01st April of each year for next 15 yrs. and value shown is as on 31st march of each year.
  • For PPF compounding frequency comes to be annual while for deposits it comes to be quarterly and with this frequency calculations have made.
  • In case Of bank deposits,its assumed that tax is paid off annually as per tax bracket.
The Final sum comes as below:
Total Invested: Rs. 15 lakh.
Instrument Maturity Value
PPF 32,10,336
FD with no tax liability 32,88,213
FD with 10% Tax bracket 29,95,263
FD with 20% tax Bracket 27,32,367
FD with 30% Tax bracket 24,96,237


The result of cumulative flow is as follow…
For numerical values,click on the” Show/Hide Data Table” above.

We can conclude that PPF is beneficial investment but will have low liquidity problem..but can be a good tool for long term retirement saving.

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