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Why My Application Get Rejected?

Most of the investors are preferring Demat modes for their investment.Whether it is mutual fund,non-convertible debentures or tax saving infrastructure bonds most of the investors want to store it in demat (electronic)form.When we do this work, we come across the cases where application get rejected.Why application gets rejected?Here are some of the common reasons for it.

1.Application not signed.

2.DP-Id and Client-Id not mentioned in the application.

3.Error in DP / Client ID.

4.NRI application.Sometimes NRIs are not allowed to apply.

5.PAN No is not provided or not self attested if absolutely required by company.

6.Applications where second holder / third holder names appear in depositories but not appeared in application form.

7.Name  not matched as in depository.

8.Wrong cateogary.

9.Applications for blacklisted demat accounts.

10.Sometimes cheque is not cleared by bank due to various issues like signature mismatch etc. and so do not considered for allotment.


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