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BilCare Limited – Fixed Deposit Scheme

Fixed Deposit Scheme – BilCare Limited.

Company Profile:

Company offers customer centric innovations for pharmaceutical packaging,card solutions,speciality film solutions,and clinical trial supplies management and has diversified operations spanning in India as well also in number of other countries overseas through its branches and subsidiaries.

Fixed Deposit Scheme:

Scheme -A:

Quarterly Interest Payout:

  Period Rate Of Interest Minimum Amount
12 Months 11.00% 20,000/-
24 Months 11.50% 20,000/-
36 Months 12.00% 20,000/-

Scheme -B

Cumulative Interest Scheme – Compounded Quarterly

  Period Rate Of Interest Minimum Amount Maturity Value
12 Months 11.00% 20,000/- 22,292/-
24 Months 11.50% 20,000/- 25090/-
36 Months 12.00% 20,000/- 28,516/-

Other important details:

  1.  0.25% Extra interest rate for senior citizens,share holders and employees.
  2. Deposits accepted are in multiples of Rs.1000/- subject to minimum of Rs.20,000/-.
  3. For Scheme A,interest will be paid quarterly on 31st March, 30th June,30th Sept,31st December and on maturity date.
  4. For scheme B,interest paid will be on quarterly compounding basis and payable at maturity.
  5. Facility to receive interest by National Electronic Clearing Service[NECS].
  6. Post Dated interest warrants will be issued in advance for each financial year.
  7. Premature withdrawal possible after completion of 6 months with fine of 2% on original interest rate.

DownLoad Bilcare Fixed Deposit Application Form:

To download Bilcare FD Form Please Click Here.

You will require following documents to apply for fixed deposit:

  • Cheque in favor of “Bilcare Limited Fixed Deposit Account” ,
  • self attested Copy of address Proof.
  • Self attested Copy of  Pan Card.

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