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Comparing Different Indexes – Oct 2013 and Jan 2008

Today stock market closed at life time high and its very close to intra day high of sensex and Nifty.

In 2008,markets were peaked and then corrected significantly.

Though market have recovered individual sectors have performed much differently than that of market indexes and today we will compare the different indices in January 2008 and Oct 2013.

Sector Index as on 10 Jan 2008 Index as on 30  Oct 2013
Sensex 20873 21033
NIFTY 6287 6251
IT Index 4244 8462
FMCG 2394 6804
Capital Goods 19,485 9084
Health Care 4297 9617
BSE200 2724 2470
BSE500 8746 7594
BSEPSU 10801 5664
BANKEX 12478 12838
OIL & GAS 13832 8809
Metal Index 18750 9019
BSE Auto 5413 12077
BSE Power 4700 1574
CNX Midcap 9655 7425

One can have some observations as follows:

  1. Mid Cap index is under performing with higher margin and chances are high that mid caps will try to cover the margin in short to medium term.Analysts believe that number of good stocks are undervalued and will offer good value in future.
  2. Power ,Infrastructure,Capital Goods index have sharply under performed than market indices.
  3. Defensive sectors like Pharma,FMCG ,healthcare are the limited sectors which have out performed in last 05 years.
  4. Banking sector have performed in line with the market indices.

Only Last Few Days To File Income Tax Returns:


//Last date to file the income tax returns have extended till August05,2013.

Click Here to view the notification about extension of last date to file IT returns.

Last date to file I.T.Returns for financial year 2012-2013 is July 31, 2013 and as deadline is nearer most of us are busy to collect information about income tax returns and how to file income tax returns online / offline.

We have listed here few important things we should consider:

Online I.T.Returns:If income is more than 5 lakh then one should file returns online.Suppose any ones income is Rs.5,30,000 and have invested Rs.1 lakh in instruments qualifying for 80C benefits till he need to file returns online .Income tax can be filed through govt website as well through other websites who charge fees for filing returns online:

List of websites to File IT returns online:

Incometaxindia Govt website













Tax returns can be filed free of charge through Govt website.Other websites charges fee based on the level of difficulty of returns.E.g in case of simple returns having income only from salary/other source from income then these websites charge you around Rs.200-300.

  • Form selection: Its important to chose correct form to file IT returns.

Click Here todownload the list of IT return forms.Check suitable form to file income tax.E.g if any person having capital gains or tax exempt income (like equity dividend income ,income from tax free bonds,house rent allowance ) exceeds Rs.5000/- then they can’t use ITR1.

  • Income from other sources: Income from other sources may include interest from fixed deposits,Recurring deposit,interest of saving account above Rs.10,000/- Family pension etc.
  • If tax is deducted at source then confirm that same is deposited against your pan no and same can be confirmed through form 26AS. Make sure that you are in possession of TDS certificate.

Filing income tax is compulsory in this year if your income is in taxable limit unlike last year where it was exempted for income up to 5L and I think one should take view of above points before filing the returns.

Dip In NAV Of Liquid Funds – Link From Quantum Mutual Fund

Liquid funds are well known as substitute for saving accounts . Money can be withdraw any time without any load as well investment in liquid funds is also assumed to be safe as historical returns are stable over a period of time.

But liquid funds suffered a jolt on July 16 when NAV of most of the liquid funds dropped from previous days . It happened as yields across all maturities moved up.

Liquid funds generally won’t invest in maturities maturing above period of 3 months and so risk considered to be at the lowest.

Quantum mutual fund have explained overall scenario and link is provided below.

The Dip In NAV Of Liquid Funds explained– from Quantum Mutual Fund

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